Applying to College with Multiple Passports

Many globally mobile families are blessed with the gift of multiple passports. This is great news in the world of college! While some countries determine tuition prices based on tax status (I’m looking at you, UK and Ireland), many more are based on citizenship. If you’re one of those lucky people who has multiple passports or residencies, thinking about college globally might be a good idea.


Students who study abroad gain a number of skills that they might not otherwise get if they attended college locally:

  1. Language fluency. You’ll improve your language skills, no matter if you’re going “back” to France, Japan, or the Netherlands. You’ll be surprised how quickly you improve, even if you took literature courses in that language while you weren’t living there.

  2. Employment. Companies love globally minded workers who can be successful across cultures. Students who’ve been successful in multiple countries are ready for any multinational corporate environment. (Not to mention that your degree from Universität Freiburg will be interesting and potentially help you stand out in the job market.)

  3. Expose yourself to a different style of teaching. Believe it or not, teaching and learning isn’t the same from country to country. Read about how teaching works in the countries you’re considering to really get a feel for how different your classroom experiences might be. Heck, you might even learn something!

  4. Go global. Undoubtedly, an overseas university will expand your social network. Many students who go abroad find that they have extremely diverse friend groups. This is a huge plus if you want to spend spring break exploring a new country with friends or consider working abroad later in life.

  5. Get confident. Navigating things like banking, buying a cell phone, and making friends in another country are all great ways to build confidence. You’ll have challenges while studying abroad, but you’ll also figure out how to resolve them and build valuable skills along the way.

Curious about how to potentially begin thinking about all of this? Check out our handy-dandy decisions making tree below.

International Decision Tree.png

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Monica Gallego Rude